4 high-rise apartment gardening tips

Living in an apartment isn’t always ideal – the obvious reasons being lack of outdoor space and privacy. Luckily, our rental is equipped with a generous balcony, some overhang gravel space and plenty of sunshine. Although I don’t have the strongest “green thumb,” I thought I’d share a few tips to plant thriving flowers – thirteen floors up.

1. Don’t skimp on the soil

We purchased the most expensive soil, costing around $6 more than the cheapest brand. It comes packed with nutrients. Yes, flowers eat too! The biggest benefit to premium soil is quicker water absorption, which is pertinent for flowers placed in direct sunlight.

2. Purchase plastic planters

You don’t want to be lifting heavy, ceramic planters after every lease comes to an end. There are plenty of faux ceramic options that come in lightweight, durable materials. While they look extremely grand, they only weigh about five or so pounds a piece, making your apartment move a breeze.

3. Water often

I live in Seattle, and my garden dries out quickly. My tomato plant is seriously struggling right now due to the constant summer sunshine (not complaining). I water it at least every other day to make sure the existing fruits remain plump. When leaves die off, pick them. Although dried out, dead leaves soak up particles of water that could otherwise benefit the living portions of the plant.

4. Be weary of crows and blackbirds

Birds prey on plants, especially if placed on an obvious balcony or patio. Believe it or not, we have half-eaten tomatoes scattered all over our outdoor space. And sometimes, the crows sit on the railing and stare – it’s quite eery. Although you can’t really stop them from eating your fresh fruits and veggies, unless you opt for aerial fencing, I would advise you keep your other belongings inside. Once they realize food is near, they might take anything without realizing it’s not edible. One crow recently snatched a tube of expensive sunscreen off my patio table, presumably thinking it was some sort of afternoon snack.

Happy [apartment] gardening!


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Jen Riner

Jennifer Riner is a real estate marketing professional. See samples of her writing work on Zillow, Forbes, Inman News & Z Chicago.

One thought on “4 high-rise apartment gardening tips

  1. I also live in an apartment and I am planning to grow more and more plants next year! This spring I started and I had a lot of fun and the flowers were gorgeous! Thank you for the tips! I am sure that they will be pretty helpful!


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