3 simple ways to make your home feel European

I love to travel. And although I haven’t nearly tackled as much as the globe as I wish or need to, the sheer thought of exploring new places is enthralling to me. On each of my short-lived journeys thus far, I’ve managed to soak up the beautiful architecture and stunning interiors.

Take Europe, for example. They’ve managed to maintain old world charm while staying relevant with new trends in clean lines and modern techniques. If you’re struggling to decide between a luxe, vintage vibe or minimalist decor, European interior design might be a mood board to replicate.

Parisian-style homes, in particular, often feature warm herringbone hardwoods, clean white walls and luxe furnishings. By incorporating these eclectic-like design choices, you can successfully achieve a classic home with contemporary appeal – often without breaking the budget, should you choose the physical hunt over the click-and-buy route. And remember, even small changes have the potential to make dramatic impact in small spaces.

Consider these three easy ways to transform your home from dull to dazzling, inspired by international culture.

1. Paint window trim black

Black window trim is sleek and sophisticated. When combined with stark white walls, the dark accent pops without closing off the room. If you have smaller windows, black trim draws the eye and helps create a focal point without constricting the space. Paint isn’t just for the walls, so don’t be afraid to change the shade of your molding, too.

2. Mix rustic with modern

French country kitchens are cozy and classic without appearing overly rustic. Traditional shaker cabinets seamlessly flow with black or quartz countertops and a patterned backsplash. Ceiling beams are the perfect touch in larger kitchens, but be cautious when installing them in smaller spaces as they may limit vertical height. Natural wicker baskets are strategically spaced to add just a hint of texture without detracting from the large island.

3. Incorporate travel-inspired accessories

Although not necessarily European, Persian rugs are commonly seen in Parisian and Mediterranean abodes. Even the most modern spaces are perfectly complemented with a colorful Middle Eastern inspired staple. Some Oriental and Persian rug outlets charge thousands for a handcrafted rug, but even authentic runners can be found in thrift stores worldwide.

While these changes are small, they don’t go unnoticed. Minor upgrades can have a dramatic effect on the overall style of a home, successfully transitioning even the most basic interiors into classic European homes. Brew a cup of hot coffee and bask in the elegance of travel-inspired interiors while planning your next trip abroad!


Image courtesy of Flickr user Moyan Brenn

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Jen Riner

Jennifer Riner is a real estate marketing professional. See samples of her writing work on Zillow, Forbes, Inman News & Z Chicago.

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