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3 creative closing gifts for real estate agents

Despite putting in the arduous hours to find your clients the perfect home, your job isn’t over. As most successful agents understand, leaving each client with a positive impression is key. Considerate and practical send-offs deliver two-fold benefits. First, your gift acts as a continuous reminder of a notable experience. Providing a memento allows previous clients a means to keep your name top-of-mind for the next deal. Thus, those initial lead generation efforts produce double the yield with minimal extra expense.

Referral encouragement is the second and perhaps more proximate of the two. A job well done may attract a positive online review. But, an extraordinary experience leads to personal and direct referrals. Show your clients you care and they are likely to reciprocate.

Face it: a bottle of red wine is bound to end up in the recycling bin. Consider the following unique closing gifts to nurture repeat business and referrals.

Branded Moving Supplies

Every buyer, renter, or seller needs boxes to ease their cross-country or intrastate move. To cut relocation costs and promote your business, opt for branded moving supplies. Printed boxes and packing tape rolls are more than sensible gifts. Clients may decide to keep a few boxes in the garage to store lesser-used knickknacks. Aptly-placed contact information makes reaching out in the future easy. Or, your broker-branded boxes could transfer to friends, family, or the Craigslist free stuff section. The potential new leads are limitless.

Engraved Cutting Board

Keep things a little more personal and persistent with an etched cutting board. Heavy-duty cutting boards act as countertop décor in one of the most used areas of the home. Such a gift compels past clients to think of you regularly. Be careful with the design, though. Overwhelming and loud logos might tempt clients to hide or part with your present. Your clients’ names or home addresses should be at the forefront. Meanwhile, delineate the bottom right corner for a subdued, minimalist logo.

Home Portrait

Many buyers move more than once, but nobody forgets a home sale. Paintings of homes are memories to keep for a lifetime, particularly for first-time buyers. Even if your transaction is not their first, each sale marks a major life and financial milestone. Scenic illustrations communicate recognition of their achievements. And, such consideration establishes a respective relationship for the long term.

Final note: Although closing gifts contribute to your bottom line, be sincere. Tacky branding strategies may push clients toward more subtle avenues.


Image courtesy of Flickr user Shari’s Berries

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Jen Riner

Jennifer Riner is a real estate marketing professional. See samples of her writing work on Zillow, Forbes, Inman News & Z Chicago.

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